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Steampunk setting, TL5. As far as weapons go, any non-automatic pistols/rifles/whathaveyou are fine. As are pretty much any standard melee weapon. Blatantly future technologies are not allowed (yes that includes beam swords, laser pistols, computers, etc), unless sufficiently explained away by some steampunk-esque gadget or invention (GM is final arbiter). Magic does not exist in this world. If you want a reference point, the new Sherlock Holmes movie is a decent example of steampunk.

While combat will play a role, it is most certainly not the only thing that will be going on. Make sure your character has a personality, a backstory, and non-combat skills, because you are gonna be roleplaying that shit out. Make sure to give your character some disadvantages or quirks that are interesting to play out.

You will start out in the small town of Chronoburg, a town filled with clocks and clock-makers (incidentally a sister city with Hatsburg), and you will be traveling. That’s all for now.

There will be airships.

Main Page

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